Agency Photo/Likeness 2014 Emmy Nom TFM Family #MeetTheKids




Because of the success of our first Meet The Kids project, six of the original kids
were matched with loving families. But because so many are still waiting, we knew we had
to make a second film to keep the momentum going.

We swim in the deep end.

About The Agency

We are a full-service advertising agency located in Pennsylvania’s capital (affectionately known as HBG). We are a group of individuals who are obsessively committed to serving our clients. We over-deliver. We pay attention to details. We win awards. We protect our clients’ brands. We stay organized. We create beautiful, compelling ads. We get people talking.  We have fun. We adjust according to what’s happening in the world, in the economy, and in our community. It’s been said before, but we are small and mighty.

However, we are also growing.

Our core competencies include: Advertising, branding, strategy/plan development, creative & design, media buying & placement, public relations, and social media.

Meet The Team

Darren Smith


What do you get when you combine a 6’5” power forward who has crazy ball handling skills, with 25 years of marketing experience and a passion for advertising? Darren Smith, ladies and gents. As SVP, Darren brings a vast knowledge of multi-media and advertising to the table. He also runs the day-to-day operations of Radio PA, a statewide news network and another division of TFM. Before his days as a marketing rock star, he worked his way through college as a juggler and a street mime. And if you knew Darren, that wouldn’t surprise you. He’s an extraordinary leader and a stealthy comedian, that one.

Darren Smith


Tom Downing

Senior Interactive Designer

Tom is a multimedia specialist who has been creating high-end motion graphics and animation for web and broadcast for over 10 years. His award-winning web designs are focused on user experience and interaction and have been used for national and local website campaigns. He is versed in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, and works towards having standards-based, fully responsive designs in all his work. Tom earned his bachelor’s degree in computer art from Savannah College of Art & Design with a focus in character animation.

Tom Downing


Tommy Tran

Art Director

Tommy is a web design, photoshop, illustrator and vector art ninja. And we’re not just saying that because he’s Asian. Tommy learned his unsurpassed attention to design detail during his studies at the Philadelphia Art Institute. His passion for perfection transcends into fashion as Tommy can typically be found with coordinating pocket squares and shoelaces. He’s also a fitness junkie and spends much of his free time in the gym and teaching hip hop dance classes. Did we mention he’s Asian?

Tommy Tran



Mike Williams

Project Manager

Mike first stepped into a live TV studio when he was 5 years old and instantly caught the “media bug.” After a few years in print, he began a career in TV and has since mastered producing ads, documentaries, managing web sites, print and social media campaigns, and much more. Mike’s well beyond detail-oriented and boasts a proven record of keeping projects on time and within budget. He oversees the project management aspect of all TFM projects and campaigns and works closely with the agency’s account and creative departments to ensure a seamless process. Mike finds happiness in life’s simple things like family vacations, a good pizza, a long bike ride and checking things off his ever growing “To Do” list.

Mike Williams


Miranda Metz

Account Executive

Miranda has spent the last 13 years immersed in marketing and communications for a large variety of clients in diverse ways. With a degree that concentrated in Video Production and Film, she has a passion for client-focused, creative problem solving at the agency level. Miranda’s experience at two media outlets and as a Marketing Manager/Business Developer allowed her to focus on branding, messaging, and growing businesses. Her experience has equipped her with knowledge of marketing and communications from all angles of the business.

Miranda Metz


Christie Hill

Multimedia Coordinator

We found Christie on the side of the road with a sign that read “Will work for cheese fries.” We decided to take her up on that. Her diverse knowledge and management skills ensure traffic schedules, billing and contract fulfillment stay on deadline. The majority of her career has been working in professional hockey. She’s still married to the sport – as well as a former Philadelphia Flyer. That’s pretty much the coolest thing ever. And, like any other native Philadelphian, she is picky about cheesesteaks and soft pretzels.

Christie Hill



Craig Rhodes

Agency Producer

With more than 30 years of broadcast and creative experience, Craig is TFM’s radio and production go-to. He manages everything from project start to writing to voice over to post-production. He also pitches in to assist with production trafficking and project management. Craig is a former disc jockey, which is incredibly ironic as Craig is the quietest of the bunch. Unless you try to interrupt his Penn State football watching on Saturdays! He also enjoys golf, golf and more golf.

Craig Rhodes

Danielle Floyd Prokopchak

Director of Planning & Communications

Don’t worry, we won’t make you pronounce her last name. As DOC, Danielle spends her time shepherding clients’ brands and messages and parlaying their stories into media placements. She’s spent the last almost-decade cultivating relationships with journalists globally, nationally and locally. Danielle is a “people person” and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone – something that certainly comes in handy when working with the media. She also dabbles in social media and copywriting. Heck, she even wrote these bios. In her spare time, well…she doesn’t have any of that because she has a nine-month-old baby named Roman. But when she finds a moment, she spends it volunteering, rooting for Philadelphia sports teams (poor girl), anglophiling, and reading.

Danielle Prokopchak


Diane McConnell

Account Executive

Diane is the newest addition to our new business team. Her go-getter mentality, coupled with her 25 years of advertising experience, made her the perfect complement to the TFM family. When she’s not creating proposals or seeking new clients, she’s helping to manage current clients and projects. Diane is affectionately known around the office as Danica due to her driving “skills”. She also wins the “most organized” award.

Diane McConnell


Paula Barton

Media Supervisor

Paula manages the day-to-day planning, placement and monitoring of our work. In other words, she makes sure our clients’ target audiences see everything we produce. And with more than 25 years of advertising and media experience, Paula has created dynamic media strategies for a variety of clients including non-profits, state organizations, hospitals, banks, insurance providers and food manufacturers. Paula takes being outside the office literally, where she can be found gardening, biking and cross-country skiing. She’s also been known to never turn down a cocktail, especially one made with whiskey.

Paula Barton



Creative Powerhouse

A few words that have been used (by real people) to describe our creative: witty, compelling, thought-provoking, on-message, strategic, brilliant (our fave), pretty, moving, badass (close second).
Our creative is intended to do just that – create. Create a connection, an experience, an emotion. Our capabilities range from graphic design to photography to TV to radio to web and everything in between.

Branding & Strategy

It’s that conversation that occurs before anything else. It’s the foundation upon which EVERYTHING is built. It’s the most important and crucial component of any good advertising campaign. It’s the thing that allows us to create “stuff” that actually resonates with consumers and doesn’t make them change the channel, hit “skip” or roll their eyes. We LOVE this stuff.

Account Services

These folks will be your new best friends. The ones you call when you need something…anything…and you can rest assured that they will answer the call. They work tirelessly to make sure everything goes swimmingly while you are a TFM client. They are the “point people”, if you will, and the ones who will get to know your brand almost as well as you do.

Public Relations & Social Media

At TFM, our PR department integrates seamlessly with our other departments ensuring the most cohesive, robust and strategic campaign possible. We believe that your brand and your message is paramount and should be consistent across all platforms. Public Relations acts as that extra push to make sure that your message is seen by the right audience at the right time. We are here to allow you to focus on what you do best – we just make sure the right people know about it.

Media Buying

We leverage decades of experience, relationships and negotiating skills on your behalf. We know who to talk to, and how to talk to them, to make sure you are getting the best buy at the best rate. Creating beautiful ads is only half of the task. Through media buying and placement, we are strategic and purposeful in finishing the job.

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